It’s Very VIVO Delicious! GIVEAWAY! (3 Winners)

Happy New Year!! It’s hard to believe it….but 2018 is already well under way! So….did you make any resolutions this year? Did you set any goals? We have a few new goals that we’re aiming towards this year…including the possible purchase of a boat (!!!) and finding ways to spend extra time together as a family and continuing to eat healthy and find natural ways to live as naturally as possible.

Spending extra family time together and eating healthy all sounds pretty great until you start having to devote all that extra time to prepping the healthy food that you want to eat! I have spent many, many hours in the kitchen coming up with healthy, homemade snacks and meals. Oftentimes a child is by side helping, so that is nice. However, I must admit that I also LOVE the idea of finding ways to make food prep less time consuming and the great news is that every once in a while something healthy, affordable, quick and easy comes along!!

My latest discovery is the VIVO Starter Cultures. I absolutely LOVE these starters. VIVO Starter Cultures are a high-quality, international product that have been recently introduced to Canada. It is an amazing way to make natural, healthy yogurt at home for your entire family. But…what makes this homemade yogurt different from the most of the other yogurts we see in North America? Well…the list is pretty impressive:

    It contains 17 strains of beneficial bacteria (only 1-4 strains are present in most yogurts sold in North America today).

    It contains NO sugar, additives or preservatives!! This is a HUGE plus!

    The supplies and the process of making homemade yogurt is incredible simple. It is SO convenient to make.

    10-15 mins. of preparation is all it takes to get your yogurt going! Quick & easy!

    The taste is amazing. It is smooth, creamy and so delicious. Of course, it also carries with it many health benefits too!

Speaking of health benefits, let’s delve into that a bit more. VIVO has a great selection of starter cultures to choose from. There’s Bifikid, Kefir, Yogurt, Probiotic Yogurt and Slim Girl. Each one has a few unique aspects to it…but quite honestly, we have enjoyed EVERY one of starter we’ve tried! Yogurt is a great way to help with digestion and microflora. Without all the additives and extra sugar, this yogurt truly is nutritious and healthy! It boosts immunity and if your microflora or digestion is off-kilter this could be a great way to bring it back to normal.

Both the kids and the grown-ups in our home have definitely been enjoying our homemade yogurt and I’m already searching for the nearest location to purchase more VIVO starters! I can’t think of any negatives and am absolutely thrilled to have found a quick, easy, natural and super healthy way to make homemade yogurt that everyone thinks is delicious! Oh…and contrary to popular belief, you do not need to have a yogurt maker to make homemade yogurt! A pot, milk, starter culture and a think towel are all you need to make yourself an amazing batch of homemade goodness.

If you’re looking to make some changes in your home this year and are hoping to have more healthy food to enjoy, then VIVO is perfect for you! It is not time-consuming, yet is ultra healthy. Might sound a bit cliché, but when it comes to VIVO yogurt: “We love it, we LOVE it, and we want more of it!”

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